Thursday, September 23, 2010

Benefits of an Aluminum Trailer

The Trailer Showroom has an entire Aluminum Trailer selection for enclosed trailers and horse trailers.  Aluminum Trailers tend to be higher priced but offer advantages over steel or hybrid steel trailers. Some of the benefits of an Aluminum Trailer are:
  • Lightweight - allows you to haul heavier equipment or cargo than standard steel frame trailers
  • Durable - more corrosion resistant than steel frame trailers and ideal for rainy or humid climates
  • Racer Quality - built with style and options to accommodate your most valuable race car
Aluminum Trailers are the choice of many car enthusiasts - whether hobbyists or career professionals.  For maintaining appearances, Aluminum Trailers are the best choice because they won't rust, corrode, or warp due to moisture or prolonged outdoor exposure.  They are an excellent investment in terms of their long life expectancy, durability, and strength.

Aluminum is also the choice of horse and livestock owners for many of these same qualities - lightweight, high performance, sleek appearance, and, perhaps most of all, durability.  Sundowner Horse Trailers are an excellent example of top-of-the-line Aluminum Horse Trailers and are offered at competitive prices online at .

The Trailer Showroom offers both an Economy Series and Renegade Series Aluminum Trailer.  The Renegade Series offers a more robust standard options package than the Economy Series but both are manufactured from the same high quality aluminum material.  (See: Aluminum Cargo Trailers - Elite and Economy for more details about these two models.)

The Trailer Showroom also offers a huge selection of Steel Frame/Aluminum Skin Enclosed Trailers that are less expensive but still high quality cargo trailers.

Please contact The Trailer Showroom to learn more about our selection of All Aluminum Enclosed Trailers and Horse Trailers: 877-45-TRAILER

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sundowner Stock Trailers Now Available

The Trailer Showroom is excited to announce that top quality Sundowner Stock Trailers are now available for purchase at  You can see our inventory here: Sundowner Stock Trailers.

Sundowner is the leading manufacturer of Horse Trailers and Stock Trailers.  They are constructed of all aluminum with features that offer comfort and ease-of-use for both driver and animal.  The Trailer Showroom has partnered up with Sundowner Trailers to offer their selection of Horse and Stock Trailers directly on our website.

All Sundowner Stock Trailers sold by Trailer Showroom come with the premium Sundowner Hitch to Bumper Warranty.  The trailers are engineered and have a strong reputation for safety, easier & faster loading, easy maintenance, and comfort.

Stock Trailers currently available at include:
  • Sundowner Stockman Series All Aluminum Ball Hitch Stock Trailers
  • Sundowner Stockman Special Series All Aluminum Ball Hitch Stock Trailers
  • Sundowner Stockman Sport Series All Aluminum Bumper Pull Stock Trailer
  • Sundowner Rancher Series All Aluminum Gooseneck Stock Trailer
  • Sundowner Rancher TR Series All Aluminum Gooseneck Stock Trailers
  • Sundowner Rancher Special Series All Aluminum Gooseneck Stock Trailers
  • Sundowner Rancher Sport Series All Aluminum Gooseneck Stock Trailers
The Trailer Showroom is your single source for cargo trailers, enclosed trailers, equipment trailers, car haulers, motorcycle trailers, horse trailers, and stock trailers.  We have competitive pricing, top notch customer service, and high quality trailers.

Sundowner Stock Trailers ordered through or by calling 877-45-TRAILER are available for pick-up in Coleman, Oklahoma.

    Thursday, September 9, 2010

    Enclosed Trailers Offered in Four Locations Throughout the US

    The Trailer Showroom is on a mission to bring enclosed trailers as close to your location as possible.  Currently, we offer four enclosed trailer manufacturing facilities throughout the US:

    We are dedicated to providing the highest quality cargo trailers at the lowest possible prices and at the utmost convenience for our customers.  To achieve these goals, we:
    • Offer an easy-to-find, easy-to-use website listing nearly all of our cargo trailer selections with options and accessories from which you can pick and choose
    • Make our prices apparent right on our website.  You'll know exactly what to expect as you choose your cargo trailer and extra options
    • Employ experienced and knowledgeable sales agents to help you with your purchase
    • Custom manufacture each trailer to order, according to your exact specifications so you get exactly what you want
    • Offer various pickup locations for our enclosed trailers to help keep costs down for customers who prefer to pick up their trailer
    • Provide shipping anywhere in the world
    • Are constantly expanding our selection, having recently started offering Sundowner Horse Trailers at competitive prices.
    We are the top source for Enclosed Trailers, Open Deck Trailers, Aluminum Trailers, and now Horse Trailers.  Check us out at and tell your friends!

    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    Trailer Showroom Announces New Enclosed Trailer Manufacturing Facility in Texas

    The Trailer Showroom, offering custom cargo and enclosed trailers for sale online, has opened an enclosed trailer manufacturing facility in Waco, Texas to provide increased convenience for customers in the southwest.  Visit or call 877-45-TRAILER to learn more.

    Wilmington, N.C., September 2, 2010 - The Trailer Showroom, an online store for custom cargo and enclosed trailers, recently opened an enclosed trailer manufacturing facility in Waco, Texas to accommodate customers in the southwestern U.S.  This facility manufactures enclosed trailers of various sizes and styles according to a customer's specific order.  Customers are invited to visit the website, pick a trailer of choice from the Texas facility's selection, and add options and accessories as desired.  Alternatively, customers can call 877-458-7245 to speak with an experienced sales agent to place an order.  Enclosed trailers are manufactured in a two to five week time period and are available for pick up at the facility in Waco, Texas.

    The Trailer Showroom is an online store founded in 1998 dedicated to selling new, custom manufactured cargo trailers including enclosed trailers, open deck trailers, all aluminum trailers, equipment trailers, car haulers, motorcycle trailers, horse trailers, and more.  Customers choose from among Open Deck Trailers, Enclosed Trailers, Aluminum Trailers, or Horse Trailers, then choose the appropriate size trailer for their needs and add options and accessories as desired.  All enclosed cargo trailers come with a full standard package but the store offers more than 400 options to help customize the product.  Every trailer is custom manufactured according to the specifications of each order.

    The enclosed trailer selection of the website offers four different pick-up facilities to help accommodate customers throughout the United States.  The original location is in Douglas, GA with additional locations in Elkhart, IN, Independence, OR and now Waco, TX.  The selections and prices are different for each facility and customers may choose from the selection in any location.  Most customers choose to pick up their custom manufactured enclosed trailer as a more cost effective option than delivery, which is also available.

    The enclosed trailers available from the Texas facility range in size from five foot width by eight feet in length with a single axle to a gooseneck or fifth wheel car hauler that is eight and a half feet in width and up to fifty feet in length with a tandem or tri-axle.

    The Trailer Showroom owner Rick McKeithan remarks: "We've had a lot of feedback and demand from customers in the southwest region who were interested in easier access to our trailers.  They were happy about the prices, happy with our service, and happy with the quality but convenience in picking up the trailers was an issue.  We're excited to bring our enclosed trailers to Texas to make it easier and more convenient for pick-up in that region."

    For more information on the Trailer Showroom, please visit and specifically to shop the enclosed trailer selection available from the Texas facility.


    Rick McKeithan
    The Trailer Showroom

    About Trailer Showroom: Cargo trailers and enclosed trailers for sale online at discount prices.  Browse the selection, choose a trailer, customize with options and accessories, and pick up from one of our manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S.  Please visit for information or call 877-458-7245.
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