Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Featured Product: 8.5 x 16 Enclosed Car Hauler Trailer

This month's featured product is the 8.5 x 16-foot Enclosed Car Hauler Trailer. This enclosed, ball hitch car hauler trailer comes with loads of great standard features, including a 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty.

About the 8.5 x 16 Car Hauler Trailer

Friday, June 15, 2018

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Cargo Trailer

Thinking of buying a cargo trailer? We specialize in custom-built, enclosed cargo trailers to suit a variety of needs. We likely have something for just about any trailer buyer, but before you commit to a particular trailer, ask yourself these three questions first.

1. Aluminum or Steel?

Generally speaking, steel frame trailers are heavier but cheaper than aluminum. The central benefit of choosing an aluminum frame is the lighter weight, allowing you to haul heavier equipment without going over your gross vehicle weight (GVW). Aluminum trailers also are not going to have rust and oxidation issues that can occur with steel frame trailers. That being said, properly coated and undercoated steel frame trailers can sometimes last just as long as an aluminum trailer without rusting.
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