Thursday, February 13, 2014

Featured Product - Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers, shower and locker room trailers are necessary requirements for a number of businesses. From festivals and film production to concessions, wedding venues, mobile entertainment, or sporting events, providing luxury restroom trailers and possibly shower and locker room trailers for staff, team members, customers or the general public, is a must.

As with all of our products, it is entirely possible to order several sizes and styles, including a single restroom, a restroom and shower, or multiple stalls. We encourage our customers to review our long list of options found here and choose just what they'll need to get the optimum performance from their finished product.

We appreciate that each of our clients has specific needs based on all sorts of factors, including ease of hookup, holding tank capacity, and even foul weather capabilities. That's why one of our "extras" options is the Arctic Package, which includes a 25,000 BTU ducted furnace, waste tank de-icing system, insulated walls and ceiling, plus a 50-foot heated water hose. Warm weather customers - we have a package to accommodate your needs as well!

While we take pride in our hundreds of custom extras, the standard features the restroom/shower/locker room line comes with is tough to beat. Here's a small sample:
  • Formica countertops
  • stainless steel sinks
  • porch light at entry door-paper towel and soap dispenser
  • shatter proof mirror
  • roof mounted AC
  • self closing faucets
  • plus: a screw-less exterior makes these trailers easy to customize with your firm's logo or customized graphics.
Along with the other standard features, our shower/restroom combo model comes with an attractive and durable solid surface countertop.

When ordering restroom trailers, please be aware that we offer a one, two or stall three-stall size. We also provide several configurations of our restroom and shower combo trailer. If showers are all that's needed, no problem - we can accommodate with our shower only model!

As for our locker room trailers, let's just put it this way, with all they have going for them in terms of style and comfort, users will be looking for excuses to travel! This mobile locker room is just like the real thing, only nicer. A few standard items include lockable cabinets, 24 steel lockers, solid surface counters, stainless steel sinks, automatic shut-off showerheads, and private dressing rooms. With two showers and three toilets, this model delivers!

To obtain all the details about this line, please visit our Restroom Trailers, Shower, and Locker Room Trailer selection.

We also invite you to call us to speak with our team of experienced, professional sales reps who will be happy to answer all of your questions: 1-877-45TRAILER

Please note that the restroom/shower/locker room line is only available through our Elkhart, IN facility.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Car Stacker Trailers

If you need to haul more than one vehicle and are concerned about trailer length, then a Car Stacker Trailer may be the ideal solution. With the ability to load vehicles on both a lower and upper deck, these hard-working trailers are easy to maneuver and a cinch to connect. For added convenience, they are also available in either a gooseneck or bumper pull model. As a general rule of thumb, the gooseneck trailers can accommodate up to three cars, while the bumper pull option allows for two.

The Car Stacker enclosed trailers offered at are designed to satisfy the full spectrum of automobile enthusiasts, including touring professional racers, stock car racers, vintage car enthusiasts, bikers, and recreational "Sunday" drivers. As with all of our fine products, the Car Stacker models are all backed by our 5-Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty.

In addition to equipment such as stainless steel lifts and lockable storage and tool compartments, our Car Stackers come with a multitude of custom options. General requirements for hauling a Car Stacker trailer are larger vehicles such as motor homes, semi-trucks, Ford F-650s series or the Chevy 6500 series.

At, we build custom trailers to meet your exact specifications. With our selection of Car Stacker Trailers, start with our enclosed trailer selection (or aluminum enclosed trailers) and choose from options and accessories to customize it to your needs.  Our sales people are on hand to help!  Just call 1-877-45TRAILER.
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