Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sundowner Horse and Stock Trailers - Hitch to Bumper Warranty

The Trailer Showroom is proud to offer Sundowner Horse Trailers and Stock Trailers online at  http://www.trailershowroom.com/horse_trailer_stock_trailers.htm.  Sundowner is the leading manufacturer of high quality horse and stock trailers.  They are built in the best interest of both driver and animals.  The ease of use, comfort, and safety are all priority factors in Sundowner designs.

Of all the many things that sets Sundowner apart from its competition, the 3 year Hitch to Bumper Warranty and 8 year Structural Warranty truly takes into account consumer protection.  You can buy with confidence knowing that not only are you covered, but that Sundowner is confident enough in their product to offer such an extensive warranty.  All Sundowner Aluminum Trailers purchased at TrailerShowroom.com come with this manufacturer's warranty.

The 3 year warranty covers everything from the hitch to the bumper, with the exception of tires, brakes, and accessory batteries. It even includes everything in the Living Quarters trailers, even those items that are covered for less than 3 years by the original manufacturer.

Plus, the Hitch to Bumper Warranty is transferable.

The 8 year structural warranty is the longest offered in the industry and covers the buyer against manufacturer defects of the frame and shell structure during normal use.

Please refer to the official Sundowner Trailer Hitch to Bumper Warranty for full details.

Shop our selection of Sundowner Horse Trailers and Stock Trailers today or call use 877-45-TRAILER to learn more.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Horse Trailers - Video

We just published this video showcasing our Sundowner Horse Trailer selection on YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/TrailerShowroom).  Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Evolution of Pole Buildings

Editor's note: This blog post about pole buildings is not directly related to the subject of cargo trailers. However, considering the multi-faceted uses of pole buildings and post frame construction as a method for raising horse barns and developing garages for storage in an effective amount of time, buildings often play a lead role in the purchase of cargo trailers. Hopefully you learn something you never knew about pole buildings in the notes below. Enjoy!

Many people associate post frame construction with the agricultural industry, and rightfully so considering that is where it gained popularity. But before these “pole buildings” were popular they where even more basic then they are today, although it's history is closely related to the evolution of the state of Americas agriculture.

Post frame construction is a process where posts are embedded 3 feet into the ground for structural support which act like studs in today's modern structures. The posts then hold up the trusses so the roof of the structure will be secured. A fairly basic design which was thought to serve a purpose in 1930.

Howard Doane came up with the brilliant idea that agricultural buildings should be adaptable and economically friendly as opposed to serving a single purpose, to last several generations. The economy at the time was in need of change and this was just what the agricultural industry required to maintain their vegetation.

As Mr. Doane followed through with his new process farmers where quick to catch on. Now Howard is thought to be the father of modern pole buildings as he patented his invention in 1953. Around this time it was necessary to reduce the costs of construction on the farm as their hard earned money could be better spent on equipment.

Thanks the the telephone industry the poles needed to construct these buildings where readily available. Also in good supply where the metal sheets needed to assemble a roof. The materials needed to build a reliable structure were much more cost effective then the materials required to construct a traditional agricultural building.

However, this post frame construction wasn't always utilized by farmers. Earlier on this process was used for residential reasons such as sheds and other outdoor buildings. Another popular innovation before pole buildings was to uses post frame construction to elevate houses found near shore lines. The only down side, which was quickly realized, was that the poles would decay from the salt water and eventually collapse the house built upon it.

Now you will see all sorts of pole barns or buildings being used in many different ways. Some modern pole buildings today are used for garages, living quarters, and commercial use such as restaurants.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Horse Trailer Guide

The top five things to consider when buying a horse trailer. Use these tips to make an informed and educated decision when you're in the market for a horse trailer.

Horse Trailers are a fact-of-life for anyone involved with horses, whether riding, training, showing, buying and selling or all of the above.  For anyone who has ever dealt with transporting horses, or who plans to in the future, we've put together this guide to help you prioritize some of the important factors when considering purchase of a new horse trailer.

Horse Trailers are available in a variety of styles and sizes with any number of add-ons and accessories.  You can find basic 2 Horse Trailers to 4 Horse Trailers with Living Quarters, trailers with tack rooms, saddle racks, storage, and feed doors, and with a bumper pull slant load, bumper pull straight load, or gooseneck hitch.  With all of the styles and features available from leading manufacturers, it's important to get an idea of what you need and expect from your horse trailer.  The following 5 tips can help make sure you get the most out of your horse trailer for your intended purposes.

1.    2, 3, or 4 Horse Trailer - First you need to consider how many horses you will be transporting at any time.  Here you need to think about your plans for the future and your goals with your horse business.  If you know that you have a smaller operation or a side hobby with your horses, a 2 horse trailer might be ideal for the foreseeable future.  However, if you intend to grow and expand your business, or breed your horses, you might think about getting a 3 or 4 horse trailer to accommodate future needs (or current needs if you already have more horses).  Also, many horse trailers allow you to remove the stall divider if you are transporting fewer horses than the trailer can accommodate.

2.    Bumper Pull or Gooseneck Hitch - Horse trailers can be found with either bumper pull or gooseneck hitches for your vehicle and here you need to consider the configuration of your transporting vehicle as well as the size and weight of your load.  Bumper pull horse trailers are used with vehicles that have a ball hitch and the trailer is attached to the rear of the vehicle.  Gooseneck hitches are used with pick-up trucks and are generally considered to be much stronger.  The gooseneck hitch is located in the truck bed above the rear axle and the trailer is then secured to it.  The horse trailer in this case has a front end protrusion that extends beyond the main structure of the trailer.  The type of hitch you choose depends largely on the type of vehicle you're using as well as the weight of the cargo load.

3.    Slant Load or Straight Load - A slant load horse trailer has stalls that are slanted from right to left to accommodate 2 or 3 horses riding at a time.  This configuration allows for transporting more horses without adding to the width of the trailer.  A straight load trailer loads 1 or 2 horses straight into the trailer and generally gives the horses more room.  Depending on the manufacturer, both slant load and straight load trailers have dividers to separate the stalls and may have tack storage rooms for the horse's equipment.  Choosing between slant load and straight load really depends on how many horses you will be transporting, the size of the horses, and the load capacity of your vehicle.

4.    Living Quarters - Some horse trailers are equipped with Living Quarters to accommodate the driver or owner or caretaker during overnight or longer expeditions.  Living quarters may be a necessity if you plan on regularly transporting the horses on longer trips.  This feature will make the trip more safe, restful, convenient, and economical overall.  Depending on the manufacturer, you can expect a bed, wardrobe, shower, and kitchen area with stovetop, sink, and microwave.  Sounds a lot better than trying to catch some shut-eye in the cab of your truck!

5.    New or Used Horse Trailer - In your search for a horse trailer, you will find many options on the resale market as well as all manner of new horse trailers.  Here you want to consider whether you want customized options and what warranties are available. These might be the deciding factors in choosing new over used.  For example, a new Sundowner horse trailer comes with a 3 Year Hitch to Bumper Warranty as well as an 8 Year Structural Warranty.  The 3 Year Warranty even covers all items in the Living Quarters units (please see http://www.trailershowroom.com/Sundowner_Warranty.htm for complete details on the Sundowner warranties).  You'll want to weigh in these factors when shopping for your horse trailer while also considering the source of the trailer (respected dealer, personal sale from the classifieds, etc).

As you can see, shopping for a horse trailer requires some homework and smart planning.  Let these 5 factors provide a starting point in your process to successfully choosing a horse trailer.  It is a big investment and takes into account the safety and comfort of you and your horses as well as reliability, durability, and affordability.

Of course, there are more details to consider and compare as you get further in your shopping and buying process but we hope we've helped get you started on your way.

Rick McKeithan is owner of The Trailer Showroom, an online store for horse trailers, cargo trailers, enclosed trailers, and car haulers offering discount prices on all custom manufactured trailers. The Trailer Showroom is an authorized Sundowner Horse Trailer dealer with competitive online pricing.
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