Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sundowner Horse and Stock Trailers - Hitch to Bumper Warranty

The Trailer Showroom is proud to offer Sundowner Horse Trailers and Stock Trailers online at  http://www.trailershowroom.com/horse_trailer_stock_trailers.htm.  Sundowner is the leading manufacturer of high quality horse and stock trailers.  They are built in the best interest of both driver and animals.  The ease of use, comfort, and safety are all priority factors in Sundowner designs.

Of all the many things that sets Sundowner apart from its competition, the 3 year Hitch to Bumper Warranty and 8 year Structural Warranty truly takes into account consumer protection.  You can buy with confidence knowing that not only are you covered, but that Sundowner is confident enough in their product to offer such an extensive warranty.  All Sundowner Aluminum Trailers purchased at TrailerShowroom.com come with this manufacturer's warranty.

The 3 year warranty covers everything from the hitch to the bumper, with the exception of tires, brakes, and accessory batteries. It even includes everything in the Living Quarters trailers, even those items that are covered for less than 3 years by the original manufacturer.

Plus, the Hitch to Bumper Warranty is transferable.

The 8 year structural warranty is the longest offered in the industry and covers the buyer against manufacturer defects of the frame and shell structure during normal use.

Please refer to the official Sundowner Trailer Hitch to Bumper Warranty for full details.

Shop our selection of Sundowner Horse Trailers and Stock Trailers today or call use 877-45-TRAILER to learn more.

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