Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Evolution of Pole Buildings

Editor's note: This blog post about pole buildings is not directly related to the subject of cargo trailers. However, considering the multi-faceted uses of pole buildings and post frame construction as a method for raising horse barns and developing garages for storage in an effective amount of time, buildings often play a lead role in the purchase of cargo trailers. Hopefully you learn something you never knew about pole buildings in the notes below. Enjoy!

Many people associate post frame construction with the agricultural industry, and rightfully so considering that is where it gained popularity. But before these “pole buildings” were popular they where even more basic then they are today, although it's history is closely related to the evolution of the state of Americas agriculture.

Post frame construction is a process where posts are embedded 3 feet into the ground for structural support which act like studs in today's modern structures. The posts then hold up the trusses so the roof of the structure will be secured. A fairly basic design which was thought to serve a purpose in 1930.

Howard Doane came up with the brilliant idea that agricultural buildings should be adaptable and economically friendly as opposed to serving a single purpose, to last several generations. The economy at the time was in need of change and this was just what the agricultural industry required to maintain their vegetation.

As Mr. Doane followed through with his new process farmers where quick to catch on. Now Howard is thought to be the father of modern pole buildings as he patented his invention in 1953. Around this time it was necessary to reduce the costs of construction on the farm as their hard earned money could be better spent on equipment.

Thanks the the telephone industry the poles needed to construct these buildings where readily available. Also in good supply where the metal sheets needed to assemble a roof. The materials needed to build a reliable structure were much more cost effective then the materials required to construct a traditional agricultural building.

However, this post frame construction wasn't always utilized by farmers. Earlier on this process was used for residential reasons such as sheds and other outdoor buildings. Another popular innovation before pole buildings was to uses post frame construction to elevate houses found near shore lines. The only down side, which was quickly realized, was that the poles would decay from the salt water and eventually collapse the house built upon it.

Now you will see all sorts of pole barns or buildings being used in many different ways. Some modern pole buildings today are used for garages, living quarters, and commercial use such as restaurants.

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