Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Choose the Best Cargo Trailer

Choosing the best cargo trailer for your needs can be a daunting task considering all the choices that are available.  This article provides information on some of the most common types of cargo trailers in order to help you make the first step in choosing the best cargo trailer possible.

Cargo trailers are all used for hauling cargo and are all hitched behind a truck or SUV. The type, size, and amount of cargo being hauled and the type of truck being used will help determine how to choose the best cargo trailer for your needs.

Here we'll outline some of the most common types of cargo trailers available on the market in order to help you become more aware of your choices. Many trailers can be customized to better fit your specific needs but starting with the most appropriate model for your usage is the best first step you can take. You will get a trailer that comes closest to meeting your requirements and adding on options will likely get you just what you envisioned.

If you have very particular requirements for your trailer, you'll want to shop for a new trailer rather than a used product and you'll want to make sure that the company offers the exact add-on options you need. Some cargo trailer companies will offer package deals while others will allow you to pick and choose from the options they offer so you get only the extras you want and need. Check with the companies you're shopping to find out how they offer their extras and add-on options. Here are the general types of cargo trailers available for purchase:

  • Enclosed Trailer - this is ideal for protecting more valuable cargo or for cargo that can't be exposed to the elements during storage or travel. Enclosed trailers can be modified on the interior to accommodate specific cargo and can be transformed into a car trailer, motorcycle trailer, ATV or snowmobile trailer.
  • Open Deck Equipment Trailer - this includes open model utility and landscape trailers as well as flatbed trailers used to haul equipment or machinery
  • Horse Trailer - transporting horses requires a very specialized trailer designed for the safety and comfort of the horses. There are single, 2, 3, 4, 6, and larger horse trailers as well as horse trailers with living quarters for long and frequent traveling.
  • Stock Trailer - livestock comes in all shapes and sizes and also requires a specialized kind of trailer for transporting. Stock trailers are available in a variety of sizes and styles to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals.
  • Dump Trailer - these are ideal for jobs that require hauling and dumping but do not necessarily require a full size dump truck. They are great for farm work, golf course and property maintenance, home construction jobs and other small to medium sized projects. Dump trailers come in standard or low-profile models and in a variety of sizes.
  • All Aluminum Trailer - many trailers are made from a hybrid of steel and aluminum which are very sturdy and resilient. All aluminum trailers, however, are more lightweight, more resistant to rust and corrosion, and are often used when showmanship is a priority, as with an antique car or racing car.
There are varieties in size, style, and models within each of these cargo trailer categories, but understanding the scope of choices can help you determine how to choose the best cargo trailer. We hope this has been a helpful guide and we hope you find the best cargo trailer for your needs. Happy trailer shopping!

About the Author: Rick McKeithan is owner of, an online store for custom cargo trailers, equipment trailers, and enclosed trailers at discount prices. Manufactured to a customer's specifications with over 400 options to customize any kind of trailer. Visit or call 877-45-TRAILER.

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