Monday, October 1, 2012

Car Trailer Guide

Car Trailer Guide
Thinking about buying a trailer to haul your car, motorcycle or other vehicle? If so, you may be wondering which features and specifications to look for. To help you get acquainted with car trailers and their various attributes, we've summarized a few of their key features:

A Simple Guide to Car Trailers:

Enclosed - The first feature to choose when selecting your custom car trailer, is whether you want the structure to be enclosed or open deck. Enclosed trailers are versatile and offer more protection from the elements, and can be fitted with any number of customizable options. From living quarters to upgraded steel hybrid construction, there are lots of ways to customize a car trailer to suit the specific needs of the owner. A few popular enclosed car trailer choices are the 8.5x20 Tandem Axle or the 8.5x26 All Aluminum Car Hauler.

Open Deck - Open deck trailers are a popular choice for heavy duty construction vehicles that can be exposed to the elements without much of a problem. They are also a good choice for single car short hauls. Choose from wood or full steel decks, manual tilt or power hydraulic, gooseneck or ball hitch...the list of options goes on. And just like the enclosed trailers, open deck car haulers can be custom made to meet your specific taste and needs.

Flatbed or Runner Deck - If you choose to go with an open deck trailer, you should decide whether you need a full deck or runners. Depending on what type of car you are transporting, one option may work better than the other.

Ramp Door - Because you'll be transporting a vehicle, ramp doors are a necessity for your enclosed trailer. While some cargo trailers will offer double barn style rear doors or side doors, a car trailer should have a ramp door for easy loading and unloading.

Tread Plates  - Tread plates provide a non-slip surface, ideal for just about any type of cargo trailer. Many customers choose the aluminum tread plate flooring for their car trailers for added protection.

Tie Downs - Tie downs are recommended for car trailers, as they provide added security and keep your car stable throughout the ride. Trailer Showroom offers a variety of tie downs and stabilizers, from heavy duty 5k capacity floor mount D-rings to removable motorcycle wheel chocks.

Floor, Wall and Ceiling Upgrades - If you decide to go with an enclosed trailer, you might want to consider upgrading the interior or exterior surfaces. There are many reasons our customers choose to do this, from wanting added protection against scratches or scuffs to regulating the interior temperature to adding a decorative touch. From black and white checkerboard flooring to raw luan ceiling, Trailer Showroom has a wide selection of upgrades to choose from.

For more information on car trailers, contact Trailer Showroom today at 1-877-458-7245 or visit to view the many other trailer styles available.

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