Monday, April 29, 2013

Financing Options for Your Custom Trailer

Trailer Showroom has resources to help you find trailer financing.
At, we understand that buying a cargo trailer is a major purchase. While many people depend on a quality custom cargo trailer for their livelihood, others use it for recreation and personal hobbies. Whichever category you fall into, it's important to understand that purchasing a trailer from is an investment. We want you to have a high-grade trailer at a price you can afford, which is why we offer resources to help qualified clients find flexible financing options.

To clarify, we do not finance our customers' purchases directly. Instead, we have working relationships with financial institutions that have proven to do good business in the past. If you need financing assistance for the purchase of your cargo trailer, we can recommend one of the following financing companies:

Rock Solid Funding, LLC for Individual Customers

Rock Solid is a loan brokerage that specializes in commercial and consumer loans. They serve trailer dealerships, manufacturers and individuals alike. They're based in Waco, TX but serve all 50 U.S. states. Contact them here:

Crest Capital for Business Owners

Crest Capital is a great option if you need to finance a trailer for business purposes. They are located in Atlanta, GA and have more than 20 years' experience in the equipment financing industry. 100% financing is available to qualified borrowers (that means no down payment necessary!). To get a free quote, go to our financing page on our website and fill out the form under "Crest Capital for Most Business Owners."

Direct Capital for Those with Less Than Perfect Credit

Has your credit score taken a few hits? Then Direct Capital might be a good option for you. Direct Capital provides equipment financing options for those with less than perfect credit. To apply for credit on your next trailer purchase with Direct Capital, visit their website here:

As a gentle reminder, does not provide financing directly, which means it is up to the customer to arrange for financing. You will need to contact the lending companies yourself, but we will be more than happy to work with them and provide any necessary paperwork. Please call us with any additional questions about financing your next Trailer Showroom purchase: 1-877-45TRAILER.

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