Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Renegade All Aluminum Trailers

If you've been searching for a high-quality cargo trailer or enclosed car hauler that's sturdy, can handle the demands of the road and is still lightweight enough to provide a smooth ride and improve fuel efficiency, then a Renegade All Aluminum Trailer from TrailerShowroom.com could be just what you need.

Our Renegade series of all aluminum enclosed trailers offers a wide selection, including several sizes, and each one can be custom-built to your desired specifications. Whether you need a large gooseneck car hauler or something smaller, like a 6 x 10 single axle enclosed trailer, TrailerShowroom.com can provide you with a quality aluminum cargo trailer at an affordable price.  Browse our selection here: http://www.trailershowroom.com/aluminum_enclosed_trailers.htm

While all aluminum trailers are more expensive than your typical cargo trailer, most of our clients find the added expense to be well worth it in the long run. This is mainly due to the superior quality and fuel efficiency that goes hand-in-hand with aluminum-constructed trailers.

Because all aluminum trailers are just that - made completely with aluminum - they offer unique benefits not found in steel frame trailers. Durability is a major concern for most trailer owners. As cargo trailers are so often exposed to the elements, whether on the road or parked, it's easy to see why the all aluminum variety is so popular. Because aluminum is not prone to rust and corrosion, aluminum trailers tend to hold up well for a longer period of time. Steel frame trailers can sometimes be more vulnerable to these problems.

In addition to their durability, aluminum cargo trailers also provide a much more Efficient Fuel Economy. Because aluminum is lighter in weight than steel frame trailers, they are easier to tow and typically give your vehicle more miles to the gallon than a heavier, steel frame trailer would.

Our Renegade series offers all of the durability and fuel efficiency that any aluminum trailer would, plus a large variety of great standard features. Each trailer is also customizable, which means our clients are free to choose any upgrades or special add-ons from our aluminum trailer options list. Best of all - our durable aluminum trailers are built right here in the U.S.A., which means that when you buy from TrailerShowroom.com, you're contributing to the American economy and helping keep highly-skilled technicians at work.

Each of our enclosed aluminum cargo trailers are built at our Elkhart, Indiana facility. Most of our clients find it is more economical to pick up their trailer in-person once it's ready; however, TrailerShowroom.com can arrange for delivery from a third party shipping company. For details, visit our Buying page and scroll down to "Trailer Pick Up/Shipping Options."

For more information on our Renegade All Aluminum Trailers, feel free to browse our selection of products or give us a call at 1-877-45TRAILER (1-877-458-7245) to learn more.

Looking for a more affordable option on all aluminum cargo trailers? TrailerShowroom.com also has an economy series (Lightning Series) of aluminum trailers that are just as durable as the Renegades, but are more budget-friendly.

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