Friday, September 20, 2013

Featured Product - Aluminum Enclosed Trailers

One of the most versatile, hard-working products we offer at is our line of aluminum enclosed trailers. They come in a variety of sizes and we offer hundreds of options so our clients can customize it to suit their specific needs.

Built at our Douglas, GA facility, these enclosed trailers are ideal for bike owners, vintage and race car owners, and big toy enthusiasts. We offer trailers ranging in size from 5' width up to 8.5' width and from 8' in length to 50' in length.

With a product from, you won't have to pay for more space than you need.  The interior height option, allows you to add more room or reduce the height, in 6-inch increments-from 6 to 30 inches. There are also choices on other components such as axle position and capacity, door and window placement, tie down points, interior upgrades, cabinetry, electrical outlets, and so much more!

Our customers love the range of options we offer for our enclosed aluminum trailers. Have you considered steel cabinets, a fold-up workbench, a closet with a clothing rack, or carpeted sidewalls? We can do it!

Whether the trailer will be used for work or to pursue your passion, we understand how important it is to have the features you want.'s sales associates realize that the requirements of each customers are unique. Rather than selling just one or two "standard" models, we allow our customers to look over the hundreds of choices and essentially build their own. That way, you are not paying for features you don't need and will never use.

Find out about our competitive pricing and short turn around time. Just give one of our sales associates a call at 1-877-45TRAILER or 1-877-458-7245.

Please use this link to view our complete menu of custom aluminum enclosed trailer options.

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