Thursday, November 14, 2013

Featured Product - Car Hauler Wedge Trailer

 At, we do not believe that one size fits all, which is why we are pleased to offer our customers a full range of options on practically any product they buy. Anyone shopping for a car hauler wedge trailer, will be happy to discover that we carry two different sizes. That's right - so you don't have to pay for more trailer than you need!

Shop here for a 3 to 4 Car Hauler Wedge Trailer

Whether the 96" X 50' is what suits your specifications or the larger, 102" X 50' trailer is preferable, rest assured that each model comes standard with the same quality features. Both sizes are built tough and have GVW of up to 21K lbs. Please note that the GVW of a trailer includes the trailer's base curb weight, plus the additional weight of accessories and cargo. (Never overload a trailer beyond the manufacturer's GVW.)

There are over ten standard features included on's car hauler wedge trailers. A few of the most convenient are:
  • a spare tire mount, 
  • brakes on all axles, 
  • pull out ramps, and 
  • tread plate runners. 
One of the standard items our customers are always happy to see is the lockable powder coated tool box that is included at no extra charge. In addition to the standard items, all of our products are easy to customize, thanks to our extensive list of options. Pick your trailer and tweak it the way you want with winches, jacks, landscape baskets, gates, ramps, and anything else you feel will enhance its performance. Although it comes in standard black, we offer a number of alternate colors as an option.

Car hauler wedge trailers are built at our facility in beautiful, historic Baxley, GA. For more information about how to order, to schedule pickup, or to see a complete list of the custom options we offer, please use this link:

To speak with a member of Trailer Showroom's sales team, just give us a call at this toll-free number:
1-877-45TRAILER or 1-877-458-724.

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