Friday, January 3, 2014

Answers to a Few of your Trailer FAQs

At, we wholeheartedly agree with the view that "there are no stupid questions." Our goal is to please our customers by giving them exactly what they want in a trailer. Since each trailer type comes with its own set of specifications and standard features, plus a tremendous selection of add-ons, it pays to get the facts.

As you peruse the website, you will discover a great deal of options and accessories for every trailer. This process may also lead to valuable questions about the finished product you have in mind. That's why we like to keep an ongoing list of Trailer FAQs including the following:
  • What is the normal size of rear door on enclosed car hauler? The normal rear door opening for a car trailer is 7'5" wide X 6'2" tall.
  • What size ball and hitch for triple axle? The ball hitch size is 2 and 5/16 inch ( 2 & 5/16")
  • What is the maximum weight 14' single axle aluminum trailer can haul? We don't carry a single axle trailer in that size. The load limit of the standard aluminum 7X14 tandem axle trailer is 5,350 pounds.
  • What is the inside width of a 8.5 wide trailer? 8 Feet
  • What hitch is needed for 18' car hauler? The standard hitch is a 2 and 5/16" ball hitch.
  • What type of axle to use on a 7x10 trailer? The standard axle is a 3,500 pound gross vehicle weight capacity (3.5K GVW) axle for a single axle and two of them for a tandem axle.
  • What size truck to tow 7x16 cargo trailer? Most any truck can tow a 7X16 trailer. You don't normally have to start thinking about truck size until you get above 24 feet or so in trailer length.
  • What size tires for an 18-foot car haul trailer? The standard 8.5X18 car trailer comes with ST205/75R15/C tires. The "C" is for load range "C".
  • Knowing that there are 7 manufacturing facilities, is there one location that offers better deals? Yes-our GA and Waco, TX sites typically offer more competitive pricing. Here's a look at the site-specific locations and products:
    • Standard Enclosed Trailer Pick Up Facility - Georgia, Indiana, Oregon, Texas
    • Elite All Aluminum Enclosed Trailer Pick Up Facility - Indiana
    • Restroom and Shower Trailer Pick Up Facility - Indiana
    • Open Deck Trailer Pick Up Facility - Georgia
    • Horse and Livestock Trailers - Oklahoma
Have more questions? See answers to more FAQs or give us a call at 1-877-45TRAILER.

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