Monday, March 28, 2016

Spotlight on Baxley, GA

Over the years we have discovered many of our customers enjoy coming to our manufacturing sites to pick up their orders. It's a great way for them to save on shipping costs and see the Trailer Showroom manufacturing teams in action. This month, we'd like to showcase the wonderful town of Baxley, GA, which is home to one of our busiest trailer facilities. In doing so, we hope to entice you to come on down!

The small but charming town of Baxley is located just 2 and a half hours south of Augusta, in the southern region of the Peach State. It is situated near the Altamaha River in Appling County and was first and foremost a railroad town. It was created in 1870 as a direct result of the formation of the Macon and Brunswick Railroad. The town is actually named for a North Carolinian, Wilson Baxley, who was a popular local storekeeper and one of the earliest settlers.

Perhaps Baxley's two best features are its friendly residents and the area's natural beauty. Folks here take the time to visit and connect with their neighbors. Even first time visitors are welcomed and treated like old friends. This quality alone is a huge part of Baxley's appeal!

With the nearby Altamaha River, two local lakes and the 4,400-acre Moody Forest Nature Conservancy, the area is a favorite spot for paddlers, hikers, mountain bikers, and wildlife enthusiasts. Baxley is also a stop on the famous 200-mile long yard sale-Peaches to Beaches. Just the perfect way to test your new trailer's payload!

Of course when you visit Baxley you simply must sample some of the local southern cuisine. Like so many little towns, there are some solid standouts and off the beaten track dining establishments to choose from that are just plain outstanding. See what we mean.

Hope that we have now piqued your curiosity! See you in Baxley!

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