Saturday, July 2, 2016

Popular Places to Sell Your Used Trailer Online

If you are ready to sell your old trailer and step into a brand new one from Trailer Showroom, there are numerous places online designed to help you connect with motivated buyers in the marketplace.

Used trailers in good condition are always in demand, so combining a fair asking price with quality pictures of the trailer should hopefully make the process go quickly and smoothly.

So where can you find places to sell used trailers online? We did some investigating for you.

  • Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers is "where the world buys and sells heavy equipment". According to the company's website, there are thousands of trailers, and no reserve prices.  Whether you want to sell a dump trailer, flatbed trailer, or equipment trailer, Ritchie Bros. can likely help you find a buyer.
  • is a massively popular online classified ad site used to sell just about anything. Go to the site, select the region you live in and post a compelling ad (reason for selling, price, etc.) with enough pictures to give potential buyers a good idea of what your trailer looks like.
  • is a global online marketplace where you can sell just about anything you can imagine. Just find the appropriate category - so interested parties will be able to track down your ad - choose a competitive price, load some representative pictures and write a descriptive entry explaining your sale. When we last looked we found over 350 results for used cargo trailer listings!
  • More Niche Alternatives - there are also a handful of other websites out there that specialize in the used trailer space such as and Since these sites are less well known when compared to the aforementioned ones on this list, we recommend that you request details on the sites' traffic and see if there is any credit policy if there is little to no response.
And when your ready to kick-start your search for a new trailer, we're here to help! Trailer Showroom offers an extensive variety of trailers at various price points. Trust our knowledgeable staff to assist you in finding your new and improved trailer, by calling 877-45TRAILER.

For the best in car, motorcycle and cargo trailers; restroom, shower and locker room trailers; open deck utility and equipment trailers; and more, visit our website at

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