Friday, October 28, 2016

Benefits of Choosing an All-Aluminum Trailer

All aluminum cargo trailers from the Trailer Showroom offer a number of benefits to the consumer and are constructed of lightweight and durable materials to be certain your valuable cargo is in reliable hands.

There is little debate that aluminum weighs far less than classic steel. The price of a steel trailer may appear to be initially lower; but, the moment you put your aluminum trailer on the road, you immediately begin saving money. The extra weight of steel translates into cargo weight you aren’t carrying. This can be very important to those subject to over-the road weight restrictions. So, weight is a concern, making lightweight aluminum the better solution.

Strength is often cited as a concern when choosing between steel or aluminum trailers and, while aluminum cannot match the yield of steel or its ultimate strength, it can and does hold its own. Modern aluminum is tough and strong with a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel. Aluminum weighs just slightly more than 30 percent of an equivalent amount of steel and aluminum alloys can be engineered to match the strength provided by steel.

Durability and protection against corrosion is also a factor in choosing aluminum. Aluminum is tremendously more resistant to corrosion than regular steel which means it offers more durability. Some stainless steels are more corrosive resistant than aluminum but they are also cost prohibitive for cargo trailers. Being more resistant to corrosion, aluminum trailers are ideal for humid climates or rainy areas, perfect for those involved with disaster relief or auto racing. In fact, the all-aluminum trailers manufactured by the Trailer Showroom in its Elkhart, Indiana facility are racer quality. Trailer Showroom racing aluminum trailers are built with options and style to protect and transport your most valuable racing machine.

According to the Aluminum Association, aluminum also offers green benefits. The Aluminum Association found, “one pound of aluminum in place of 1.5 pounds of steel in a typical application reduces greenhouse gas emissions by almost 90 pounds over the life of the product.”

For many, the benefits of all aluminum trailers is COST. Cost isn’t exactly black and white. The initial cost of an all-aluminum trailer may be a bit higher than its steel counterpart; but, as we’ve discussed, aluminum saves with allowing you to haul more cargo within weight limits and has better durability requiring less invasive repairs for corrosion.

The Trailer Showroom offers many options in all aluminum trailers to discover those that best fit your needs give Traci, Mike or Chris a call at 1-877-45TRAILER (877-458-7245) or visit us online. You will be glad you did!

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