Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Car Trailers, Enclosed Car Trailers

Enclosed Car Trailer
Enclosed Car Hauler Trailers are a popular choice for folks with every level of interest in cars, road traveling, and motorsports - from hobbyists to weekend racers to dedicated amateurs and professionals. Enclosed Car Trailers protect your valuable race cars, antique cars, sports cars, and even family cars as needed.

Enclosed Car Trailers come in many forms - tandem or tri-axle, gooseneck or fifth wheel, no-frills or custom detailed. When it comes to protecting your car, it's important to choose a car trailer manufactured with high quality materials and top notch construction. It should have a heavy duty ramp door, strong flooring and walls, and heavy capacity D-Rings or other options for tie downs and stabilizers that will help keep your vehicle secure.

Once the car trailer is equipped with the basics, you may just want to stop there, depending on your budget and preferences. Or you may find that you want to further customize the trailer. You can choose a custom exterior color or have the outside of the trailer detailed with your promotional message and images.You can also outfit the interior of the trailer, choosing E Track for the walls and floor for extra stabilizing capacity; an aluminum tread plate floor, ramp, and flap; white metal or vinyl on walls and ceilings; and even a black and white checkered tile floor. The style of your Car Trailer can complement the style of the car you're going to carry (See: Master List of Options).

Car Trailers fulfill a wide range of uses and make it possible to pursue a number of activities including:
  • Auto Racing
  • Motorhome Trailering
  • Weekend Racing
  • Auto Hobby Shows
  • Antique Car Shows
  • Kart Racing
  • SCCA - Sports Car Club of America
  • NHRA - National Hot Rod Association
  • and more!
Enclosed Car Trailers at The Trailer Showroom

The Trailer Showroom custom manufactures every Enclosed Car Trailer ordered on the TrailerShowroom.com website (or by phone at 877-45-TRAILER). They make it possible for customers to choose the size Car Trailer they will need - 8.5' width with lengths ranging from 16' to 53' - the type of hitch - ball hitch, fifth wheel, or gooseneck - and optional accessories to customize the trailer to their exact specifications. Any options chosen beyond the standard package can be hand-picked and customers will only pay extra for the specific options they choose. The knowledgeable and experienced staff at The Trailer Showroom can also help suggest options that might be useful to your particular requirements and situation.

Visit TrailerShowroom.com today to start designing your own custom Enclosed Car Trailer. You'll love how easy and customizable everything is on the site and you'll LOVE the end product! Please call 877-45-TRAILER with any questions during the ordering process. Happy Trailering!

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