Friday, April 9, 2010

Cargo Trailer Guide

Cargo trailers serve a wide variety of uses for a number of different industries, from a local handyman or painting company, to a large construction firm, to a race car or antique automobile owner. To suit all of these uses, there are several styles of cargo trailers and each has its own variations in size, hitch, and customized options.

Cargo trailers are a versatile and ideal solution to hauling heavy and cumbersome equipment with your car or truck that can be hitched up when needed and parked when not in use. This allows owners the freedom to haul cargo on an as needed basis and use the car or truck without the trailer as desired.

In this cargo trailer guide, we'll outline different styles of cargo trailers, explain the ways they can be used and for what industries they are best suited.

Enclosed Trailer - Enclosed trailers are desirable for a number of reasons. They protect cargo from inclement weather, bright sun, and a humid or overly dry atmosphere while also providing efficient space if needed for shelving, containers, and other organizational elements. Enclosed trailers can be fitted with a side door, rear doors, or a ramp for easy access to and from trailer and can range in size from 5 feet to 8.5 feet in length with single, tandem, or tri-axles. A popular size for enclosed trailers is 7x14 with tandem axles or 8.5x20 tandem axle for an enclosed car hauler. There are so many ways to customize an enclosed trailer to make sure it serves the exact purpose for an owner. It can have air conditioning or non-powered vents, all aluminum or steel hybrid construction, E-Track for the walls or floor, aluminum tread plate on the floor and ramp, motorcycle wheel chocks for a bike hauler, concession window and door for a concession trailer, an exterior ladder rack, white vinyl walls and ceiling, and even a black and white checkered tile floor. Whether the purpose is industrial or as part of a showcase, an enclosed trailer can be outfitted to meet all kinds of functions.

Open Deck Trailer - As versatile as an enclosed trailer can be, the same can be said for an open deck trailer. A heavy equipment trailer can be used to haul front end loaders or bulldozers. A utility trailer can be used for landscaping equipment. A flatbed can be used as a car hauler, bike, ATV or snowmobile trailer. Open deck trailers come in a variety of sizes with options to customize it for almost any use. A car hauler can have a full deck or runner decks, a utility trailer can have landscape baskets, and an equipment trailer can have a 3rd ramp, folding gate, tread plates, ratchet straps, tie down loops, or extended ramps. Open deck trailers can accommodate anywhere from 7,000 GVW to 20,000 GVW depending on the size and style chosen. These trailers are more ideal for heavy duty equipment or vehicles that can be exposed to the elements without a problem.

Car Hauler Trailer / Motorcycle Trailer - A car or bike hauler can take the form of an enclosed or open deck trailer depending on the value of the cargo, how long and far it is being hauled, if the cargo is for show or purely for fun. An enclosed trailer being used as a car or bike hauler (or toy hauler as they are sometimes known) can be fitted with a rear ramp door, tread plates, tie downs, fancy floors, walls, and ceilings, and other options to accommodate the cargo. An open deck trailer being used as a car or bike hauler can be a flatbed or runner deck constructed from wood or steel with a rear ramp and tie downs. Car and motorcycle haulers are a popular use for both enclosed and open deck trailers.

These are just a few of the major categories of cargo trailers that can suit a variety of purposes. There are many manufacturers of cargo trailers with some specializing in custom built trailers and others offering mass produced standard trailers. This cargo trailer guide is designed to help consumers navigate the world of cargo trailers to be sure they are measuring all their options when choosing the best one for their needs.


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