Monday, January 4, 2016

Trailer Showroom - Featured Product 6 X 14 Enclosed Trailer

Whether the New Year has you considering a trailer upgrade or business launch,’s enclosed cargo trailers are a solid choice. Due to their compact size and tremendous versatility, our 6 X 14 single-axle enclosed trailers are one of our most popular sellers. In addition to their state of the art construction, each model gives customers over 400 custom options to choose from.

These days, customization is what it’s all about, which is why we offer such a large selection of add-ons in addition to our impressive standard features. We strive to provide our valued customers with a trailer that’s a pleasure to pull and has easy access to everything so you can get the job done-regardless of what it is!

The 6 X 14 enclosed trailers come with heavy duty, thoughtful components that make them stand outs, just as they are. In addition to the solid steel frame and easy to clean aluminium exterior, a few givens include, a 32-inch side entry door, double barn rear doors, ¾ inch thick flooring, and E-Z lube hubs. The interior height is also a roomy 6 feet.

Of course your needs will not be a carbon copy of the previous customer who chose this model, which is why you have plenty of possibilities that will make your finished product truly yours and yours alone! White is the standard color, however, there are a rainbow of others to choose from! Those in the construction, carpentry, electrical, landscaping, plumbing or home improvement business, know it is vital to have quick access to what you need, which is why there are an impressive number of interior cabinets to pick from plus hook and tie-down systems, grab handles and lighting options.

We have affordable prices on our extras and streamlined several options so that they are in a bundle such as our electrical package or Value option which includes a 24” aluminium tread plate stone guard and a 12 volt dome light and wall switch. The ability to customize makes this trailer one of our best sellers. From running a business to hauling your toys or other precious cargo, the 6 X 14 enclosed model is an ideal size.

As with all of our orders, the customer is only responsible for paying the deposit and then the remaining balance upon pickup. Before placing your order, please explore our site to discover the amazing range of possibilities. Of course, our qualified team is at your service to answer questions and guide you to the custom options that will best meet your unique specifications.

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